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Christine Wood
United States
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This is probably the only place I can do this because all my other relatives follow me everywhere else. I am so angry right now I need to vent somewhere so if you're reading this, I'm sorry. 

In a nutshell: Screw my Aunt. Seriously, screw her. It's one thing to give me the silent treatment after her fallout with Dad, it's another to involve my mom in her issues. 

My paternal grandpa died the other day. He was lousy parent to his kids and I never really felt comfortable around the guy. I think he did try from time to time to be an adequate grandparent but he always came off as a sourpuss at best. My dad recalls childhood memories of drunken beatings, verbal abuse, blackmail, and constantly going without basic necessities because his old man had spent the money on new toys for himself instead. Despite Dads attempts to try having a decent adult relationship with his dad, it finally fell apart in 2011 and we haven't been in much contact with him since. My aunt has been trying very hard to keep the family together for years but it has been taking its toll on her sanity. With Dad no longer speaking to his father, and soon after my uncle, my aunt suddenly stopped contacting us. As a child, my cousin and I would switch places for a month, me staying with my aunt and my cousin staying at my home. It gave me a chance to know what it's like being an only child and he got to experience having siblings. I enjoyed staying with my aunt. She was nice and I loved the peace and quiet I got and she got to know what it's like to have a daughter. So when she stopped replying to my posts on Facebook, I was kind of heartbroken. I wasn't my fault that my Dads family couldn't get along. We don't have these problems on Moms side. 

So after suffering for years with cancer, Grandpa and he second wife made one final trip out of state last month and finally died Saturday night.  No one was suprised that it happened. However I was struck by a strange sense of apathy over the whole thing. While he wasn't a good person, he wasn't evil and that doesn't change the fact that he's still my grandpa. The scariest part was that I felt the same way during the death of my Moms dad several years back, and I actually really loved that man. So that's when I did something dumb. Understandable, but dumb. I turned to my Facebook friends for support. I posted "If a relative dies and I don't care, does that make me a horrible person?" I have a history of saying stupid things so I did try to take into account that there are a couple relatives on dads side that watch me and kept it as brief as possible. This morning my aunt (taking the death of her father very, Very hard to the point of delusion) sent my mother an email informing her that she and my uncle (who doesn't even follow me on Facebook) were offended by my cold and heartless post and that "they" would appreciate it if she would try to convince me to have it removed. I am not some little kid. I'm 26. If she was so offended by what I posted, she should have taken up with me rather then go whining to my mom to control me like some naughty child. I mean what the Hell? Does she want to avoid me so badly that she would rather involve a third party then deal with the issue directly with the source? I would confront her directly, but that would just make the whole worse. Holding my tongue and fingers is slowly becoming the most infuriating thing I've ever had to do. 

So yeah. Screw her. Thank you for your time.

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HarukaInLove Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm friendly informing you that you faved a stolen artwork. 
This one… is stolen and poorly edited from my original work over here:…

Please don't support thieves. 
Takisan111 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015
Why are attempting to shame me on my own front page? Couldn't you have sent a note instead? I didn't know it was a stolen pic, I don't usually assume that about stuff I find in fan group archive. I'm sorry your work was stolen but taking it out on people who don't know is seriously a jerk move. You're actions are hardly friendly if you think that I and any one else who faved that picture intentionally support art thieves. 
HarukaInLove Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Obviously you're not able to read properly. I said that this was just a friendly information because I wanted you to KNOW that it was stolen. Because: How should you know? I NEVER said that you do it intentionally I asked you to NOT support them. That's a big difference.  So it's far away from shaming. 
Plus: Nobody else acted like a JERK as you do right now, everyone was glad to know. Maybe I didn't write with rosepetals and glitter but I am not an english native speaker and it's fucking late over here. So stop shaming on me for informing people that they faved stolen art. 
Takisan111 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
I read just fine. I'm just angry that you posted on my home page about this as apposed to taking it up privately. I am not a supporter of art theft. I faved that picture from a legitimate fan group and had no reason to doubt it's source. You did say that your intention was friendly but coming here accusing me of supporting thieves when I didn't even know there was a theft problem does not sound friendly. I get that you are tired and had a bad day and I don't expect roses but a simple note would have made this a whole lot better. 
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